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  • Florida Third DCA affirms dismissal of a defamation case against South Florida television station, finding that “substantial truth” doctrine shielded defendant from potential liability

    On April 14, 2021, in Readon v. WPLG, LLC, et al., No. 3D20-340, the Florida Third DCA affirmed the dismissal of a defamation lawsuit filed by a Miami area pastor against a local television station, WPLG...

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  • Florida Third DCA rules that former mayor of the City of South Miami was entitled to immunity from defamation lawsuit brought by the city’s former chief of police

    On November 4, 2020, in Martinez de Castro, et al, v. Stoddard, et al., No. 3D19-2096, the Florida Third DCA affirmed a trial court ruling that the former mayor...

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  • Florida Third DCA affirms dismissal of libel/defamation complaint, finds that allegedly defamatory statements in documentary program were either not capable of being proved true or false on a core of objective evidence, consisted of so-called rhetorical hyperbole, or were protected commentary or opinion

    On October 21, 2020, in Skupin v. Hemisphere Media Group, Inc. et al., No. 3D19-1555, the Florida Third DCA affirmed a trial court ruling dismissing a plaintiff’s lawsuit...

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  • Eleventh Circuit rules that son of former Prime Minister of Albania was a “limited public figure” who could only prevail in defamation action against book publisher and author by demonstrating that the defendants acted with actual malice against him

    On September 2, 2020, in Berisha v. Lawson, et al., No. 19-10315, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the summary judgment entered in favor...

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  • Florida Third DCA rules that Florida’s statutory waiver of sovereign immunity for government agents who act in bad faith or in a wanton manner does not abrogate absolute immunity of public officials who make statements within the scope of their duties

    On January 2, 2020, in Quintero v. Diaz, No. 3D18-2545, the Florida Third DCA affirmed a trial court ruling that the former mayor of Sweetwater, ...

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  • Florida Second DCA rules that Florida statutory requirement of presuit notice to prospective defendant in libel and slander cases only applies to news media, not movie and book companies

    On July 10, 2019, in Mazur v. Baraya , No. 2D18-4268, the Florida Second DCA denied a certiorari petition by the defendants in a libel case to overturn a trial court’s ruling denying the defendants’ ...

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  • Florida Fourth DCA rules that attorney copying client on “cease and desist letter” to third party did not constitute publication under Florida defamation law

    On June 12, 2019 in Hoch v. Loren , No. 4D18-1407, the Florida Fourth DCA affirmed a trial court’s dismissal of a plaintiff’s defamation case against the law firm representing the board of directors ...

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  • Florida Third DCA reverses trial court order dismissing plaintiff’s complaint against broadcast news company for defamation/libel; finds that plaintiff’s pre-suit notice was sufficient under Fla. Stat. Section 770.01.

    On February 20, 2019, in Cousins v. Post-Newsweek Stations Florida, Inc ., et al, No. 3D17-2805, the Florida Third DCA reversed a trial court order dismissing the plaintiff’s complaint against a ...

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