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  • Eleventh Circuit rules that “ascertainability” of proposed class in class action lawsuit is not dependent on administrative feasibility of identifying class members

    On February 2, 2021, in Cherry, et al, v. Dometic Corporation, No. 19-13242, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a U.S. district court’s dismissal of a class action lawsuit filed by the putative class representatives...

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  • Eleventh Circuit concludes that plaintiff in proposed class action lawsuit on behalf of restaurant customers affected by customer information data breach did not have standing because no concrete injury has yet occurred

    On February 4, 2021, in Tsao v. Captiva MVP Restaurant Partners, LLC, No. 18-14959, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a district court order dismissing a proposed class action lawsuit brought by a customer ...

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  • Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals rules that class action attorney did not owe any heightened duty of loyalty and confidentiality to class representative distinct from duty owed to rest of class

    On December 1, 2020, in Medical & Chiropractic Clinic, Inc. v. Oppenheim, et al., No. 18-13714, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that legal counsel...

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  • Florida Second DCA reverses trial court's approval of class action settlement in shareholder disclosure lawsuit for failure to assess value of settlement's supplemental disclosures

    On July 13, 2018, in Griffith v. Quality Distribution et al , No. 2D17-3160, the Florida Second DCA reversed a trial court’s approval of a class action settlement. The case originated with a complaint ...

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