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Florida Supreme Court approves changes to product liability jury instructions

On February 27, 2020, in IN RE: STANDARD JURY INSTRUCTIONS IN CIVIL CASES—REPORT NO. 19-03, the Florida Supreme Court amended several Standard Jury Instructions pertaining to product liability cases. The amendment modified existing Instructions 403.7b, 403.17, 403.18b and 403.19, deleted 403.18c and 403.18d, and renumbered 403.18c as new 403.18b. The changes were made to bring the instructions into alignment with controlling precedents, including Aubin v. Union Carbide Corp., 177 So. 3d 489 (Fla. 2015), and similar changes previously made to Standard Jury Instructions in non-product liability cases. See In re Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases—Report No. 17-03, No. SC17- 1060, 2018 WL 2168867 (Fla. Feb. 1, 2018).