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Florida First DCA finds that ALJ erred in rejecting plaintiff’s requested Medicaid lien reduction

On October 11, 2019, in Larrigui-Negron v. State of Florida, Agency for Health Care Administration, No. 1D18-1172, the Florida First DCA ruled that an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) erred by rejecting uncontradicted evidence that the a Medicaid lien should be reduced without identifying a reasonable basis in the evidence to do so. The plaintiff had sought the lien reduction after obtaining a personal injury settlement from a third-party tortfeasor. The First DCA remanded the case to the ALJ to reduce AHCA’s Medicaid lien to $11,637.54. See Giraldo v. Agency for Health Care Admin., 248 So. 3d 53, 56 (Fla. 2018).