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6 Tips to Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is upon us and it is important to be prepared in order to protect yourself and your family from these potentially destructive and dangerous storms.

Here are some crucial tips that will help you effectively prepare for hurricane season this year:

  1. Put together an emergency kit: Emergency kits are essential for weathering a storm. Put one together now if you do not already have one. An emergency kit should contain first aid essentials, a few days’ worth of water and non-perishable food, towels, a flashlight, a portable radio, spare batteries, and any prescribed medications you are taking that you cannot go a few days without. You should also stay updated on the storm’s path.
  1. Make sure your home is secure: Leaving furniture and other objects outdoors is a major safety hazard. Do not leave these out during hurricane season. If emergency personnel instructs you to turn off propane tanks and utilities, follow through with these instructions immediately.
  1. Plan on how you will communicate with your family: In the event that you and your family are separated during a storm, plan how you will get in contact with one another. If you have a plan in place it will avoid a lot of unnecessary panic and confusion.
  1. Get a generator: If you have special medical needs or simply cannot imagine not having any air conditioning, consider getting a generator. Use this generator chart to determine what your wattage needs are before making the purchase.
  1. Safeguard your important documents: You are going to need identification and certain documents to get the ball rolling with the recovery process in the aftermath of a hurricane. Make sure you have these documents protected. Keep them in a bank safety deposit box, waterproof storage container, or on a password protected USB drive. Some of the items you should consider protecting include your health insurance information, insurance policies for your property and other valuable items, and documents that prove ownership.
  1. Review your insurance policy: Do you know what your insurance policy covers? If you are not sure, now is the time to take a closer look at your policy and determine whether you have adequate coverage.

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